YouTube Extended APK Download v19.25.39 For Android

YouTube Extended APK or YouTube ReVanced Extended APK is a customized version of the official YT platform, which is also known as RVX. This online video sharing platform has gradually become very popular for its amazing extra features and functions.

NameYouTube Extended
Current Version19.25.39
File Size149 MB
Updated6 July 2024

🛡️ 100% safe and legal to use.

youtube extended app

People love to use the latest YouTube Extended application on their Android devices to watch videos, Shorts, trending, music, gaming, sports, etc. without getting any kind of advertisements. Also, there is a great facility for downloading videos in HD quality.

It is developed and published by Inotia00.

So, you should now download YouTube Extended app and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet device for free. This is the application that every person loves to use on their devices to watch gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning, and more videos.

YouTube Extended Features

You will get all the features that the official version has, plus you will be able to enjoy many extra features and functions. Considering your convenience, I have already listed some features and functions below which you can read if you want just to get a light idea.

By the way, let’s get started right now.

  • Watch videos and download them in HD quality for offline viewing
  • Background playback lets you play videos in the background easily
  • Remove or block advertisements in Home, Videos, and more places
  • Watch the preview of that video before watching any video easily
  • SponsorBlock to block sponsor content, intros, outros, and reminders
  • Return YouTube Dislike (RYD) to view the dislike count in every video
  • Customize the theme, icon, font, and others as per your choice

What’s New:

  • Watch restricted videos without log in
  • Control brightness and volume with up and down
  • Open URL outside the application

It has also a lot of features to enjoy.

Apart from the YouTube Extended latest version app, you will easily be able to use Twitch, 9GAG TV, TikTok, WhatsApp Prime, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, VIP WhatsApp, Crackle, PeerTube, BitChute, Veoh, Facebook Watch, etc. now if you are interested.

How To Make YouTube Extended Application

Not only can you download and use this application directly from this website, but you can also easily patch the official YouTube version with the ReVanced tool to make it a customized version. But if you’re not sure how to accomplish this quickly, don’t worry.

Below is a guideline on this topic.


  • ReVanced tool
  • YouTube APK file


First Task: If the official YouTube app is already on your phone or tablet, remove it.

Second Task: Now, download ReVanced and YouTube APK files from the Internet.

Third Task: Open the ReVanced app after installing it.

Fourth Task: Go to the Patcher > Select An application > and choose the YouTube that you downloaded a few seconds ago.

Fifth Task: Click Patch after selecting Patches.

Sixth Task: Once the patch has been applied, export the updated APK.

YouTube Extended APK file is made in this manner.

Seventh Task: Install and use it now.

That’s it.

Likewise, you can patch any type of application.

How To Download YouTube Extended Old Version

Sometimes the older version works better than the latest version. Or many people want to use the previous version voluntarily for various reasons. However, you will be able to use the oldest version of this app on your device by following the guidelines below.

By the way, let’s find out how to use it.

  1. Activate the Unknown Sources from the Settings.
  2. Download YouTube Extended Old Version from above before the next update on this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and now use it for free.

However, if there is no problem, try to use the latest version.

Safety Verification

The End

Everyone wants to be involved in entertainment.

If you also want to, then you can download YouTube Extended APK and install this app right now. And by using it you can watch any type of video without any kind of advertisement. In addition, there is a golden opportunity to download videos for offline watching.

Use it and watch your favorite videos or shorts.