Yalp Store is essentially an alternative platform to Google Play Store, where people get reviews of Android apps and games. This site is designed for tech lovers. The purpose is to provide content to the visitors with 100% pure information at different times.

The main objective of this s ite creation and management is to write content through our professional Android expert with real experience and research so that visitors get the best results as per their expectations. That’s the reason you can trust this site.

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Our vision

Our mission is to provide all types of app and game reviews for our Yalp Store website users or visitors completely free of charge. So that users will be able to know whether the app or game will satisfy him or her before installing on mobile or tablet devices.

We are slowly moving our mission towards success.

Meet Our Team

Sergey Yeriomin

Developer / Writer

Sergey Yeriomin works as a writer, app tester, and developer on this website. He is an expert in application and games and has been working in the industry since 2011 (about 13+ years). Since Sergey is already an expert in this industry, so you will find valuable information in his content.

Dwayne Cubbins

Operations Manager

Dwayne Cubbins is an operation manager of the site. He is an expert in website management and operation and has been working in the industry since 2018 (about 6+ years). Apart from the technical part and operation, Dwayne is committed to provide 24/7 uninterrupted service to visitors.