Facebook APK Download v455.0.0 For Android

Facebook APK is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays which has been dominating the entire world for more than 20 years. People can connect and communicate with friends, family, and others through this social networking service.

Current Version455.0.0
File Size131 MB
DeveloperMeta Platforms
Updated1 Apr 2024

🛡️ 100% secure and safe to use.

facebook app

The latest Facebook app will give you the amazing power to share updates about anything with everyone. Besides, also see the status, photos, videos, live, etc. of others effortlessly. There is also an opportunity to talk on audio or video calls completely free.

It just requires a device and the internet to use it.

So, download Facebook application today and use it on Android, iOS, or computer device to connect with friends in your area, friends in the country, abroad friends, or anyone in seconds. It will help you explore and expand your interests around the world.

Facebook Features

Day by day this app added so many features that are not available on other social media platforms like Twitter, JTWhatsApp, Diaspora, Reddit, Snapchat, etc. This is why more than 3.5 billion people prefer to use this social media platform on their devices.

Some features are added below,

  • Share status, images, videos, moments, life events, and others
  • View others’ status, images, videos, moments, events, and others
  • Share your own stories that will be available for up to 24 hours
  • Watch long clips and reels or short videos for entertainment
  • Become a video content creator to share videos and make money
  • Buy anything from the marketplace easily without any extra fees
  • Join groups and discuss anything with everyone at the same time

What’s New:

  • Test content and earn rewards
  • Multiple personal profiles on Facebook
  • Create and join Broadcast channels
  • Pay and get a blue verification badge

Many more new updates are coming.

How To Get Blue Tick On Facebook Profile

Currently, you will be able to take advantage of Meta Verified for Instagram and Facebook simultaneously or for either one. But since today’s content is about FB, how to get Meta Verified for FB using mobile/tablet or PC is discussed in detail below.

However, let’s discuss the details.


  1. Two-factor authentication.
  2. Authentic person, registered business, or entity.
  3. National identification card, passport, or driver’s license.
  4. At least 18 years or older.
  5. Must have $11.99 (web) or $14.99 (app) on your credit card.


1st Method: Download Facebook APK from here and install it completely free.

2nd Method: Log in here with your own account.

3rd Method: Go to Settings > Accounts Center > Meta Verified.

4th Method: Enter the Facebook profile where you will see Meta Verified Available under your name and profile photo.

5th Method: Select the payment method for your monthly payment.

6th Method: After the payment, complete the verification using your government ID/passport/driver’s license, region, and a selfie video.

That’s all.

You’ll see a verified badge ☑️ next to your name in the next 2 hours to 72 hours.

A GIF of how this would work:

meta verified

How To Download Facebook Old Version

Sometimes the older version works better than the latest version. Or, many people want to use the previous version voluntarily for various reasons. However, you will be able to use the oldest version of this app on your device by following the guidelines below.

By the way, let’s find out how to use it.

  1. Activate the Unknown Sources from the Settings.
  2. Download Facebook Old Version from above before the next update on this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and use it now for free.

However, if there is no problem, try to use the latest version.

App Safety Verification


No doubt, the present world is the era of social media.

If you also want to be a person in that segment, then you must download and install Facebook APK on your mobile or tablet device. Because through this social platform, you can easily connect with your friends, family, loved ones, or anyone, that too for free.

Use and continue to connect with everyone virtually.