Yalp Store APK Download v4.4.4 For Android

Yalp Store APK is an alternative app store to the Google Play Store that will search for updates for installed apps or games on your phone or tablet device, let you download new apps or games as APK files, and uninstall local or system applications easily.

NameYalp Store
Current Version4.4.4
File Size6.7 MB
DeveloperSergey Yeriomin
Updated5 June 2024

🛡️ 100% secure and safe to use.

yalp store app

Not only this, but using the latest Yalp Store application, browse categories, view and submit your own positive/negative reviews, and filter for paid or free apps (containing/not containing ads) easily. Overall, it will give you a premium app store feel.

It can be used on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

So, download Yalp Store app from above to your device to enjoy an extraordinary package manager for listing, running, installing, and uninstalling apps or games, etc. features. And to enjoy the background install or uninstall feature, root your device.

Yalp Store Features

Apart from providing features like Play Store, Apple App Store, TapTap, Huawei AppGallery, F-Droid, Samsung Galaxy Store, AppBrain, WhatsApp, or Opera Mobile Store, this unofficial app store provides several interesting features as well as functions for users.

Let’s know them from the below right now,

  • Update applications or games installed on your phone
  • Download applications or games from Google Play as APK files
  • Browse categories, view and provide reviews, and filter apps
  • Remove prebuilt or system apps from the phone permanently
  • 100% safe, secure, and legal to use on your smart device

What’s New:

  • No Google account required
  • Works on both rooted and non-rooted devices
  • All bugs and lags are fixed

Also, a lot of things.

How To Install Yalp Store App

As this app is not available on the Google Play, many people are confused about exactly how to install this app. However, there is nothing to worry about. Cause I have given the details below on how to download and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

By the way, let’s know more right now.

1st Method: Go to the Phone Settings and activate the Unknown Sources option.

2nd Method: Scroll above and press the Download button to download Yalp Store APK on your Android or Windows device only, not iOS or macOS since it is not available for these.

3rd Method: Once the download is complete, open it and start the installation process by clicking on the Install button.

4th Method: Once installed completely, you will see an Open button on your screen, click on it.

5th Method: You can now update your phone’s installed apps, download new applications or games, uninstall system apps, etc. as you wish.

That’s it.

Now, use the app store completely free of charge.

How To Download Yalp Store Old Version

Sometimes the older version works better than the latest version. Or, many people want to use the previous version voluntarily for various reasons. However, you will be able to use the oldest version of this app on your device by following the guidelines below.

By the way, let’s find out how to use it.

  1. Activate the Unknown Sources from the Settings.
  2. Download Yalp Store Old Version from above before the next update on this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and use it now for free.

However, if there is no problem, try to use the latest version.

App Safety Verification

Last Words

Welcome to the world of getting glimpses of the new App Store.

So, without further delay, download and install Yalp Store APK from here. This app store is basically built using Google Play Store API due to which you will be able to download all Play Store apps and games (without paid items) on your phone in APK format.

You don’t even need a Google account for this.