Aliucord APK Download v1.1.4 For Android

Aliucord APK is mainly an unofficial customizable client that can be used on Android to add extra functions, features, and a lot of things to the Discord application. It provides a lot of premium items which makes text, voice, and video chat more enjoyable.

Current Version1.1.4
File Size25.7 MB
Updated1 Apr 2024

🛡️ 100% safe and legal to use.

aliucord app

The most interesting thing is that the latest Aliucord app has no trackers or analytics. That means Crashlytics, Adjust, Discord, Spotify, etc. analytics are all disabled. Since no third-party will track you, so you can use it with ease without any kind of ads.

You can even customize it with your own preference.

So, without further delay download Aliucord application from here on your Android smartphone or tablet. And the most interesting thing is that no rooted device is required to use this Android client. It’s completely free and secure to use on your device.

Aliucord Features

It is built with all the features and functions like a robust plugin system, analytics blocker, customizations, etc. As you intend to use this Discord client application, you should know all the features beforehand so that you know what you are going to get in the app.

Let’s know all of the features right now,

  • Chat, send or receive photos, videos, docs, and other media files
  • Make audio or video calls and video chat with gamers or friends
  • A robust plugin system allows swapping in and out your plugins
  • Configure or turn on and off your plugins from the Plugins page
  • In-app updater will be able to keep the app and plugins updated
  • Block tracking or analytics tools and enjoy an ad-free experience
  • No need to root the smartphone or tablet to use the application

What’s New:

  • Material 3 design and dynamic colors
  • This Android client supports emulators
  • Fixed the in-app crash problem

It has many more such features available.

This Aliucord latest version app is very easy to use on your device as well as Vencord, Bluecord, Vesktop, Accord, Swiftcord, OpenAsar, GooseMod, Ripcord, Powercord, Replugged, Discordo, Vendetta, Flock, WATCHED, Datcord, etc. apps whenever you want.

How To Use Aliucord Application

Installing, installing plugins, troubleshooting, building, etc. all come under the use of this app. Being somewhat complex, not many people can use this unofficial Discord client application. However, they have no reason to worry about this matter anymore.

Because here is a tutorial about how to use it.


  • Android 7.0 or higher version
  • Discord 126.21 version or higher
  • No rooted device is required


First Step: Download Aliucord APK and install it right now.

Second Step: Open it and choose the Download option to patch the Discord Android version.

Third Step: Press the Install button to install the patched version.

Fourth Step: Open the unofficial client again, grant access to files, and log in to your account.

Fifth Step: Join the Discord support server and go to the #plugins-list for available plugins.

Sixth Step: Find your desired plugin and enjoy.

Seventh Step: Enjoy.


This is how you can use the client on your device.

How To Download Aliucord Old Version

Sometimes the older version works better than the latest version. Or many people want to use the previous version voluntarily for various reasons. However, you will be able to use the oldest version of this app on your device by following the guidelines below.

By the way, let’s find out how to use it.

  1. Activate the Unknown Sources from the Settings.
  2. Download Aliucord Old Version from above before the next update on this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and now use it for free.

But, if there is no problem, try to use the latest version.

Safety Verification

Last Word

It is a modification for the Discord Android app.

So, without further delay download and install the updated version of the Aliucord APK on your device. Because it has numerous plugins and customization options that allow you to change the interface inside the app as well as add new features and integrations.

Note that using some plugins will restart the app.